Glimpses of Grace

Eighteen posts on thrugracealone… and something I haven’t blogged about directly is, you guessed it! Grace. Why? Maybe because I’m still a little unsure of the topic, but still enjoy it immensely. Especially when it’s other people talking about it and I’m just listening and learning.


If you lived through the 80s, you probably remember the graphic posters that looked like a blur of colors until you stared at them long enough and in just the right way. Then, suddenly, you would see a 3-D image pop out of the poster. Supposedly. I never saw the 3-D image, though I did get several headaches trying. I’d stare at a corner, stare at the center, cross my eyes, ask for help, step forward, step backward… the picture would finally start to blur and I’d think Yes! It’s going to– and about that time my eyes would snap back into focus and there would, again, be a beautiful but frustrating blur of color framed on the wall.

Grace was–and still is, somewhat–like that for me. I could see the colors. I could focus on each and see how it was woven through the whole but still missed the whole purpose for those colors and designs. A part of me knew it, and it frustrated me. Others were seeing much more than I was. They discussed grace, love, mercy… I had a technical understanding of each, but because of some wrong teaching and some difficulties I’d faced, I couldn’t see them woven into the Bible or my life well enough for the “picture” to snap into focus.

Nearly a year ago to date, I asked someone to please explain grace. The question must have taken him aback. The answer wasn’t sufficient, but curiosity and those brief “Yes! I think I’m finally going to see it!!” moments kept me searching and listening for answers.

There are still times when I wonder if I’m seeing what everyone else does. Yet sometimes the colors blend and the patterns move into place, and a larger picture seems to come into focus, if only for a few moments. Glimpses of grace? I hope so. What I see in those moments is unimaginably beautiful.


About thrugracealone

I'm a country girl raised city. I prefer open windows to AC, love a good thunderstorm, and enjoy hearing the owls and seeing lightning bugs. A bit old-fashioned, maybe, I can recognize many trees by name, resent elms and weeds, wish for a large garden and canning skills, and hope someday to downsize and get a few acres in the country. I am blessed with a terrific church, a good job, a sturdy house, two cats and a yard full of strawberries and mulberries in the right season. Some of my other favorite things to do are spoiling nieces and nephews, reading, swimming, biking, long walks, and blogging, of course. One of my favorite stories is creation. My abbreviated version goes like this: 1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth wasa formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters... And God moved... And God said... And it was very good. If God can speak to darkness, to an earth without form and void, and make something like this that we see everyday, and make it very good (and it was even better before the Fall!), He will surely make something wonderful out of the dark, void situations I sometimes find myself in. He has, and it's been very good. Two top posts: Can a Person Lose their Salvation? Baptism!

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