What we can do, or what God can?

This morning I had a fleeting thought that it would be nice, just for old times’ sake, to visit the sort of legalistic church I left nearly two years ago. Just for one service. My mind quickly skipped through some service memories, various sermons I heard that were “really good”, the kind I’d buy the CD of and play again at times, the kind that were exceptionally encouraging… things like “Shake the Snake” about Paul’s shipwreck, and how he just shook the snake into the fire without bothering further with it. How things that happen-even really bad things-shouldn’t bother us at all if we really have faith, that we should just shake them off and act like nothing’s happened… things like “You’re Gonna Make It” (also the title of a much loved song) about how if we just keep going to church and “holding on” (whatever that means) we’ll somehow make it to Heaven someday… I was shocked. None of the sermons I remembered had much to do with God. They had a whole lot to do with what I should and shouldn’t be doing to get to Heaven, with promises of great things to come in my life, with not admitting problems and acting perfect, but nothing to do with God.

I think about the sermons and lessons I hear now–mainly things about what different scriptures might mean, how much God loves us, how wonderful simply believing and having faith in Him, trusting Him, is, how none of us is perfect but Jesus died for us anyway and that His death was enough… we don’t have to have a list of do’s and don’ts to get to Heaven, just faith in Jesus.

What a vast difference between the two types of sermons. One was all about what I should do, had to do, and the other is all about grace.


About thrugracealone

I'm a country girl raised city. I prefer open windows to AC, love a good thunderstorm, and enjoy hearing the owls and seeing lightning bugs. A bit old-fashioned, maybe, I can recognize many trees by name, resent elms and weeds, wish for a large garden and canning skills, and hope someday to downsize and get a few acres in the country. I am blessed with a terrific church, a good job, a sturdy house, two cats and a yard full of strawberries and mulberries in the right season. Some of my other favorite things to do are spoiling nieces and nephews, reading, swimming, biking, long walks, and blogging, of course. One of my favorite stories is creation. My abbreviated version goes like this: 1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth wasa formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters... And God moved... And God said... And it was very good. If God can speak to darkness, to an earth without form and void, and make something like this that we see everyday, and make it very good (and it was even better before the Fall!), He will surely make something wonderful out of the dark, void situations I sometimes find myself in. He has, and it's been very good. Two top posts: Can a Person Lose their Salvation? http://wp.me/p1CY5z-1R Baptism! http://wp.me/s1CY5z-baptism

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