(Edited after comments)

A country girl raised city, I have a variety of interests including small-space living, gardening, simple living, and a rather philosophical take on theology.

This blog will be mostly about questions many Christians have at some point. I’m no theologian, but have simply gone through a period of intense questioning and study myself and hope that others will be encouraged through some of what I share. Others may simply rejoice with me in a liberty in Christ I never dreamed possible before, a place of joy, peace… and grace. Life more abundantly.

I have blogged previously on a semi-private website regarding my experiences leaving an ultra-conservative religious group. I enjoy writing, and hope to create a positive blog here that will include a wider variety of topics or which at very least will assist in redirecting my writing style  to interest a wider audience.

  1. Thanks for dropping by. It sounds as though you have experienced some things in the realm of professed Christianity that could make for interesting discussion and be very helpful to many caught in similar circumstances. May we only preach Jesus, and Him crucified for the sins of the world… grace, grace, grace! God bless.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Jesus’ grace is truly amazing. And yes… those discussions have gotten pretty interesting at times.

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